Family Program

Our Family Program assists parents who are experiencing challenges in raising children under the age of six. We will help assess their situation, provide education, intervention or support while the parents practice their newly-developed skills. This program is available to Surrey residents. There is no cost to participants but a referral from a local Ministry of Children and Family Development office is required.


Counselling Services
Ridge Meadows • Tri-Cities
604.463.0965 / 604.937.7776

Family Counselling Service
A wide range of family and individual counselling is available for an affordable fee. This service is available through our Tri-Cities and Ridge Meadows offices. Your family doctor, school counsellor or other service provider may direct you to our service, but no referral is required.

Clinical Counselling Program
Our Clinical Counselling Program helps children and youth address the emotional and behavioural issues arising from traumatic events such as sexual abuse, violence, family breakup, death of a loved one and other grief and loss issues.
There is no cost to participants but a referral through Ridge Meadows or Tri-Cities office of the Ministry of Children and Family Development is required, except for sexual abuse counselling which may be accessed without a referral.

Sexual Health in Family Treatment (SHIFT)
The SHIFT program treats children 11 years of age and under who exhibit intrusive, inappropriate sexual behaviour such as preoccupation, coercion, aggression, or sexual acting out. There is no cost to participants but referral from the Ministry of Children and Family Development offices in Ridge Meadows or Tri-Cities is required.


Safe Choice Transition House Program

The Safe Choice Program is a second stage transition home and provides supportive temporary housing to facilitate security, independence, and personal growth for women and children who have experienced violence. Independent living suites are available for women (and their children) seeking safety from family violence. Staff provide support, information, advocacy, and counselling. Residents may stay up to one year. Referrals are made through a first stage transition house.